What We Race

Here at CMRC we currently run 4 classes of models, each class is run on each race day and have separate championships to race for.

1/5th Scale Saloons

All cars are powered by 23cc 2 stroke petrol engines and are rear wheel drive. The cars have either hydraulic or cable brakes all round which provide excellent stopping power. Most cars are constructed from Aluminium and Carbon Fibre to keep the weight of the cars as low as possible as well as providing plenty of strength & rigidity.. These cars are doing close to 50 mph on our track. However as we all know speed isn’t everything, fortunately the technology and engineering that the cars have produce the best handling possible in order to get that quickest lap we all strive for. The cars race on rubber tyres with foam inserts. Just like F1 there are tyres for all weather conditions with a range of grades for both Dry and wet conditions. Set-up on these machines is essential, the smallest of tweaks to suspension, camber, caster etc can make a huge difference on the track, this is where these cars really do take come into their own, just like the real thing, a good set up can be where a race is either won or lost. There are a range of cars raced at the club currently, manufacturer comes down to driver preference with such makes as Harm, FG, RS5, Contrast and Lauderbacher raced at the club.

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1/5th Scale Motorbikes

The bikes are powered by electric motors, again this class was introduced for the motorbike fans with the aim to keep costs low while maintaining a high level of competition, and from the racing on show the club has succeeded at this. Just like the saloons, set-up can be finely tweaked to achieve the perfect balance and handling. The class has attracted a lot of interest both from new and existing members, this interest was rewarded when the club gained a round of the British Championship in 2008, with club members annually attending rounds of the BRCA in England as well as English drivers making the trip to CMRC, this is a strong, highly competitive class.

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Excellent article on Starting Racing Bikes………..http://pub.lucidpress.com/brcabikes/

1/5th Scale 4 Wheel Drive FG Mini

The FG 4WD Mini is one of the most popular types of 1/5th Scale R/C Models and is highly regarded as the ‘beginner’ & ‘fun’ class to get into. The car is unique in itself and their are specific “FG 4WD Mini Championships” held in countries all across Europe. The car itself is basic but also very strongly made considering a lot of parts are plastic. A solid 4mm high quality aluminium chassis holds everything together. It is powered by a 26cc 2 stroke standard Zenoah engine but also comes equipped with a tuned exhaust! A servo set up of 1 small (throttle/rear brake & front brake) and 1 big servo (steering) means its easy to fit servos and you can get good consistent power from them. The brakes are front discs and rear “gear brake with big brake disk”. You will get plenty of stopping power on the 4WD Mini with this set-up. What makes the FG Mini is the 4WD capability! You get maximum traction, its easy to drive and grip while cornering as well.

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1/5th Scale Fiat 500′s arrive at Craigavon.

New class of racing commencing at Craigavon Model Racing Club in 2018. These 1/5th Scale Rear Wheel Drive cars are a very affordable Class and has provided a popular way of getting younger, or older, members interested in the sport. If you know someone interested in RC Racing and want an affordable way into the sport get in contact with us via our Facebook page. image image  image

1/10th Scale Electric Touring Cars

In 2013, CMRC introduced the 1/10th Electric Touring Car class and it proved to be an instant success by attracting some of the best drivers in the country to compete. These super quick cars are powered by 7.4 volt lipo batteries and have  electric brushless motors to power them around the circuit. As with all of the classes raced, it’s car preparation which is key to a successful days racing and there are always plenty of drivers on hand to share their ‘Speed Secrets’.

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