**2020 Race Calendar**

Revised 2020 race calendar.
18th July Round 1
25th July Round 2
8th August Round 3
9th August Round 4
15th August Round 5
29th August Round 6
12 & 13 September Ulster TT
26th September Round 7
10th October Round 8

All Rounds are subject to the current Covid-19 regulations and could change or be cancelled depending on the circumstances within Northern Ireland at the time. The TT has been included in the calendar but is subject to a limit of 30 at the minute under the current regulations. Please also note that at the minute we do not have access to the toilets at the football pitches. I will update you if I hear anything more. Drivers should bring their own hand sanitizer, gloves and high viz vest for marshaling. We will operate a one way system to and from the rostrum. The rostrum will only be able to take approx 4 drivers the rest will be along the bank at 1 metre intervals weather permitting. If your car breaks down during qualifying/ final you will have to remain at your spot until Race Director calls race over. We hope to have the online booking in system up and running by Monday 13th July and would ask that everyone uses it to book in. We also hope to have the online pay facility working as well. If you can’t pay online then correct race fee must be given to Race Director at time of booking in. There will be no access to race control accept for Race Director and helper.
Your understanding is appreciated at this time. The Club is doing everything possible to get things back on track, excuse the pun.

It goes without saying thst if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 that you do not attend any events.