2019 Championship Round 1


Great start to the new 2019 season at CMRC with a great turnout. 10 minis, 7 Saloons, 5 Fiats and 5 Bikes.

Jim Lee and Michael Cairns shared the honours in the bikes with 1 win each.

Tim Ryans took the 1st win of the season in the Mini class,

Clifford McGaughey winning the Saloons

Jim Lee again on top spot with his first outing in the new Fiat class.
Results as follows:
Bikes Leg 1
1st Jim Lee
2nd Thomas Magill
3rd Clifford McGaughey

Bikes Leg 2
1st Michael Cairns
2nd Jim Lee
3rd Thomas Magill

1st Jim Lee
2nd Robert Dorman
3rd Richard Dorman

1st Tim Ryans
2nd Clifford McGaughey
3rd Anthony Fitzpatrick

1st Clifford McGaughey
2nd Anthony Fitzpatrick
3rd Jamie McCartney

Round 2 is on Saturday 27th April.