Club History


The original model car club raced 1/8th scale back in the mid eighties. The club then was affiliated to the Radio Controlled Car Association Of Ireland (RCCAOI) which consisted of various clubs mainly from N. Ireland, several arguments arose as to how the members could qualify to represent their area at European & World events, some said through Ireland, some said through Great Britain and others had different ideas again which ultimately became a mess and almost ended up in the court of law.

Around the mid 90′s 1/5th scale began to appear on the scene, this did not go down well with most of the 1/8th scale members some of which had a vested interest in keeping it 1/8th and so the 1/5th scale members were virtually treated as second class citizens, this predicament led to the formation of CMCC 1/5th as it is known today.

The main mover in this was Mr Jim Strain who had been racing 1/5th, he gathered a handful of stalwards around him to set up a meeting and invited John Campbell (who had resigned from office a month before for various reasons) to join as secretary. They decided unanimously to set up a new club on a Trustee basis so that what had happened could not happen again, and so the formation of Craigavon Model Car Club.

“Strains chosen few” had to dig deep into their own pockets when new premises were found (where we are today) to get things up and running, on the understanding that when things picked up, they would get their money back, needless to say not a penny was returned, in fact these “originals” were all made Honoury members and were exempt from annual membership fees, but they all paid up just like everybody else which is one of the reasons the club is where it is today.

In 1996 an old breeze block/timber building was put in place as the club house/race control. It had an open fire in one corner and all laps were counted by hand!  The track had no perimeter fence, no sheltered rostrum and no direct electricity supply, but nevertheless was a growing club. Over the next few years the track would undergoe several extensions & modifications to the track layout, resulting in the CMCC track design used today.

Over the coming years a new timber framed club house/race control was built and in 2001 as membership began to grow it was finally decided to build a permanent sheltered rostrum on the earth bank along the main straight.
In 2002 with the help of the local council a new perimeter fence was erected around the track and the track was completely resurfaced with a sealer coat of leopave.

In 2005 the timber frame club house was sadly set un fire by vandals and completely destroyed along with everything inside! Thankfully again with the help of the local council a brand new steel framed office type building was sited on the grounds of the old club house. All members worked hard over these months to ensure the clubs recovery from this incident, we got a new direct electricity supply into race control which was a significant upgrade from the old petrol driven generator which had previously been used.

The Track 2001 – 2008

By 2008 the track surface was beginning to break up and had become very severe on tyre wear. The previous leopave sealer coat proved not to be successful. The trustees decided to get a few quotations for a complete resurface of the entire track area. When the quotations came back the trustees approached the local council again about the possibility of receiving a grant. After a few meetings, a deal was struck and the complete area was resurfaced with 6mm bitmac in 2009.

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With a new surface, new race control, good race directors and after a lot of money spent to make this the most successful 1/5th scale club in Ireland the club is on the way up, however none of this would have been possible without the continued support of Craigavon Borough Council, who have backed the club all the way.

To date from 1996 the club has raised 1000′s of pounds for local charities including the childrens ward at Craigavon Area Hospital.